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Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Collin County, Texas, Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Attorney James A. Frazier has more than 34 years of experience drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. He also ensures compliance with the provisions during divorce proceedings.

Whether you are looking for a lawyer to draft your prenuptial agreement, or your spouse presented you with a "prenup" and you would like an attorney to review it, we can help. To discuss the option of a nuptial agreement, please contact our friendly, respected Plano, Texas, law office.

Understanding the Benefits of Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement

Many clients who opt for a prenuptial agreement have significant assets or they are entering into their second marriage. They want to protect their property from a division in case a divorce occurs. Some people view this as setting up for failure. In reality, prenuptial agreements can give couples peace of mind regarding many important aspects of marriage.

Some of the benefits of a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement include:

  • Protecting assets for children from a previous marriage
  • Ensuring your children are cared for by the people of your choosing
  • Protecting business adventures if your marriage ends in divorce
  • Reducing or eliminating worry regarding property and other important assets

Some couples choose to draft their own agreement regarding property division, child support, spousal support (alimony) or other familial matters. While doing so may save you time and money in the short term, it can be beneficial to have a lawyer review the agreed upon terms to avoid potential legal problems in the future.

To speak with attorney James A. Frazier about your marital agreement, please contact us today.

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At the Plano, Texas, Law Office of James A. Frazier, P.C., an attorney with decades of experience provides counsel, mediation and representation for clients facing divorce and a full range of other family law matters. We focus our practice in Collin County, Dallas County, including the DFW Metroplex, serving people in communities such as Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Murphy, Wylie, Sachse, Prosper, Anna, and Melissa, TX. Mr. Frazier also assumes the role of mediator and assists other lawyers in settling divorces and custody cases.