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Modifications of Orders

Collin County, Texas, Lawyer for Post-Divorce Modifications

In the years following a divorce with children, many circumstances are likely to change in the lives of both parents. In recognition of this fact, our laws provide specific guidelines and procedures for seeking modifications of the orders in your divorce decree that govern parent/child relationships and contact.

Please call 972-516-2242 or send us an e-mail today to arrange a consultation on your need for a decrease or increase in child support, a potential child custody modification or any matter involving relocation by the custodial/residential parent.

Increasing or Decreasing Child Support — Changes in Custody

With over 30 years of focused practice in Texas family law, attorney James A. Frazier has capably handled post-divorce modifications of every conceivable type. The most common situations include:

  • A significant change in income for the parent required to pay child support — often due to a job loss or job change — causing that parent to seek a reduction or the custodial parent to petition for increased support
  • Unforeseen, serious problems in the primary custodian's home — or a change in the stated preference of an older child — warranting consideration of a change in child custody

Helping Resolve Disputes Over Parental Move-Aways With Children

When a custodial parent wishes to move any considerable distance and take the children, a number of legal requirements must be met. If divorced parents can agree that the move is acceptable and in the children's best interest, legal requirements are minimal.

However, the non-custodial parent may choose to file a petition to contest a relocation he or she believes will be disruptive for the children or interfere with visitation and other parental rights. In extreme situations, this can lead to a petition for a child custody modification. We have represented men and women on either side of relocation disputes. Mr. Frazier's experience in mediation is an asset in these cases, and he can build and argue your case persuasively at trial if necessary.

When you contact us, you can depend on straight answers to your questions about your likelihood of success seeking a modification of existing orders, preventing one or pursuing your agenda in a case of child relocation.

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Decades of Experience and Straight Talk You Can Trust

At the Plano, Texas, Law Office of James A. Frazier, P.C., an attorney with decades of experience provides counsel, mediation and representation for clients facing divorce and a full range of other family law matters. We focus our practice in Collin County, Dallas County, including the DFW Metroplex, serving people in communities such as Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Murphy, Wylie, Sachse, Prosper, Anna, and Melissa, TX. Mr. Frazier also assumes the role of mediator and assists other lawyers in settling divorces and custody cases.