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Collaborative Law

Collin County Divorce Attorney for Collaborative Law Solutions

The use of collaborative law for resolving disputed family law issues is becoming more common across Texas. Attorney James A. Frazier can readily explain the benefits of this alternative to litigation — including how the process differs from mediation.

As part of your initial consultation on divorce or any other family law dispute, we can help you consider whether your case and circumstances indicate collaborative law may be right for you.

An Organized, Controlled and Private Setting for Negotiations

Fundamentals of the collaborative law process include:

  • Both parties are represented by their own lawyers in a series of conferences targeted at resolving disputes.
  • Everyone involved signs a participation agreement that indicates his or her commitment to reaching a settlement, as well as a willingness to abide by specific rules of conduct.
  • Either party may withdraw from the collaborative law proceedings at any time, but in this situation or any other impasse that cannot be overcome, both attorneys must withdraw from the case as well.

Advantages of collaborative law include privacy and discretion — since whatever occurs in the process is confidential and will not be part of a court record. Discovery and production of documents can be controlled by the parties and their attorneys, avoiding the "filing cabinet dump" that can be required in all-out divorce litigation where property division is contested. By agreement, professionals such as psychologists and financial planners can be brought in to contribute to the process of reaching agreement.

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When successful, the collaborative law process can save time, money and grief compared to the ordeal of a divorce or other family law trial. This process is not right for everyone, but you can contact our office anytime to discuss whether it can work for you.

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